1. SC
    I feel so under appreciated and acknowledged. I know it isn’t nice to always want to chase the credit, but then again, since when did I ever ask for credit but now? This is something I’ve been so proud of myself for. A little appreciation or acknowledgement would be nice to have.

    I feel so bad because I always try my best to make the SC look good through my projects and ideas yet I don’t get appreciated enough, well, I don’t even get appreciated at all.

  2. Dad
    You know talking to Nic is something I always look forward to. To the point that I finish all my school work early, shower and pack ahead, and so much more. That’s really the only thing I want to do before I end the day. I do know that I’m your only girl, and that you miss me, but sometimes I also hope you would give me some time that I can talk to him and enjoy the company of myself.
  3. Joni
    Thanks for telling us a lot earlier.

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