Coffee Shop

October 18, 2015
2:47 pm

Here I am, listening to All Star by Smash Mouth on my laptop with earphones on. You were in the next table wearing white long sleeves and tight & light ripped jeans. Seriously, ripped jeans? I could forgive you for picking a bleached one, but ripped, seriously? Undercut, Ray Ban eyeglasses. Ultimate fuckboy.

You had this thick stack of paper right in front of you, and you started mouthing words. I thought to myself, maybe  you were studying. Or crazy. You were reciting certain words while pressing on different parts of your arm. I suppose you’re a med student, well, also referring to the stack of paper which had a diagram of a human arm anyway.

You haven’t touched your coffee yet. It’s been 5 minutes. Wait, okay you just picked it up. Am I weird for observing you? Well I guess not since I’m just literally a meter away from you. And you’re facing me anyway, since your table is diagonal to mine and you’re sitting on the opposite side as I am.

The track changed and now I’m listening to I’m a Believer by Smash Mouth still. Still can’t get over your ripped jeans. Seriously? If this were a movie, I would walk up to you and ask you if the seat in front of you was taken. If this were a book, I would notice you looking at me constantly and maybe you’d decide to say hi or something.

Hahaha. I’m almost gonna laugh out loud. You seem really serious about your studying. You chose to sit in a public coffee shop, and now you’re pointing to the veins on your arms while reciting the names and the purpose of each. Someone looks at you and you look back at him, feeling a little conscious about what you’re doing.

If this were a 7 year old girl’s imagination, I’d look at you constantly ’til you get bothered and end up saying a snappy conversation starter. If this were a dream, I would ask for your name and number. But this isn’t any of those things, this is life; where people are afraid to make the first move, to be judged, to be turned down, to take the risk, to lose, and so miss all the opportunities to get to know someone.


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