happy? – mudvayne

i just wanna escape. i don’t really wanna feel anything rn. like yea im kinda disappointed dad didn’t allow me to go out with ben tomorrow after my immunizations but then it’s kinda my fault because i expected him to. since when would his mind even change, right? im so upset because im freaking 18 already and he still doesnt allow me. i was supposed to be in college a year ago and i couldve had a boyfriend and all that shit that he conditioned to be for college only. what difference will a month make? i know in a month ill be able to hang out with whoever i want to but really… its summer and im not doing anything. are you for real?

Peel me from the skin
Tear me from the rind
Does it make you happy now?

Tear meat from the bone
Tear me from myself
Are you feeling happy now?

man i just wanna live my life HAHA im so tired of getting napapahiya with other people na when i keep turning them down. my fault maybe for thinking this time it wouldve been different.


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