i love the way

you smile. your cheeks get so puffy and i just wanna kiss them. you get so red.

you look. the way your hair falls into place, the mannerisms you have when you fix it. i love your eyes.

you feel. your hand feels like the right place where mine should be. your hugs are so warm and filled with happiness. your lips feel so soft, so kissable.

you talk. i love your lingo, your accent, just everything about the way you sound and speak.

you think. i could listen to you for hours on end. your thoughts are so interesting. i want to know your world, your mind, and how the two of them work hand in hand.

i adore you, really. it’s so funny how i do. i guess i look goofy but i don’t care. one day you’ll know just how much i adore you.


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