she’s so high

12.25am philippine time

you’re asleep and we’re on facetime. i could see how tired you are cause you’re partially snoring too (just a little bit, don’t worry, it’s cute).

i look at you and think to myself… i could get used to this. i could actually love you. i find myself to be so picky with people, especially with all i’ve had to go through. but then i feel like i have no fear of commitment as long as its with you. like i don’t mind sacrificing all that “freedom”. maybe because you are the right person, right now.

you told me that i’m so perfect. i have everything you need. you told me that it was the first time ever that you’ve kissed/made out with someone and kept your eyes closed the entire time. you told me that it was the first time that you didn’t feel ‘tigang’ or any lust when you kissed/made out with me. you wanted me in the purest way and felt the sparks. you were so nervous when we kissed. you mentioned that you were even shaking.

like… idk HAHAHAH idk how i can be so happy right now just talking to you. it’s so fucking stupid and gay, really. like, i feel so gay rn.

i just really wanna take care of you, be there for you, listen to you, watch you grow. i think we could be so good for each other. i understand you like no one can, you’re ultimately thoughtful and sweet. i feel like you could be my anchor if i needed one.

i’m just so lost in the moment right now. i’m so into you lol. i think i like you already but i’m just not sure yet. well, let’s just see where this goes.


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