set aside

1:52AM Driven Under – Seether

one thing i learned tonight… or at least, needed to be reminded of, was that people have different ways of loving. and it’s not always gonna be the way you want it to be.

i wanted you to be vocal. to want me. to call me yourself. you didn’t. i took it as a lack of initiative. but then again, maybe if you were next to me, you’d give me a hug. since that was your language of love, anyway.

set aside the differences and realize that love is love. i know you don’t love me yet. but i know you care about me. the way you express it may not be the way i expect it to be, but it doesn’t make it invalid.


sorry for being so difficult. i know you can’t read my mind. i feel so irritated when you use your phone while you talk to me. idk it’s just very disrespectful. like… can’t you give me 100% attention lol. I FEEL SO PETTY RN I HATE HAVING FEELINGS HAHAHAHA I KEEP BEATING MYSELF UP FOR IT.

we romanticize love so much that we instantly think that a soulmate has to be someone who understands what you’re trying to say without any communication.

note to self lol.


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