boredom got a new best friend

9:36 pm

jeez. how do i even start? i don’t think i need to go through today anymore. i think i just wanna go through everything i’ve felt. this is the first time i’ve felt this blissful with someone so amazing. is God playing me right now?

life is so good with you around. dad just asked me if you like me and i said you’re starting to. then he told me not to turn you down and perhaps give you a chance. this was the first time he’s ever done that.

your lips are so soft and kissing them makes me feel like there’s a heaven on earth. i feel so blissful that it’s so fucking crazy. 

being with you makes me feel so elated. i’m always so excited to see you. it’s always so fun when you drive me around, when we tease each other at the mall, when you nudge and shove me playfully. 

i love your hugs and i love your presence so much. it makes everything so much better, i swear. today was just so full of happiness.

you’re such a goofball. you look so freaking stupid chugging down half a bowl of rice in your mouth. i kept laughing throughout the day because you kept making funny faces. you make me so happy. just being around you makes me feel so happy and light. 

we slow danced in my room. it was your idea. we played with djego and laid on the couch. you bought cheese rolls for my family. we kissed at stoplights (again).

i think i could love you. easily.


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