call me call me call me

oh my god. where the fuck do i start?

last night was something else. we all went to rosh’s party. fuck you’re so fucking perfect.

after a short jollibee date, we entered the car.

“so yeah, i kinda like you”


“well yeah i like you, isnt it obvious though?”

“it was but i didnt want to assume”

“well yeah, i do, and yeah im willing to wait til like college or whatever. i just wanted you to know that”

“thank you for telling me, i appreciate it”

“it took a lot of guts to say that”

i didnt know what to say. if i said i liked you too, the doors wouldve been closed. i didnt feel any pressure to answer back or anything. you just wanted me to know. i know you arent the type to tell someone you like them if youre not guaranteed the feelings back. but you took that risk for me. i told you to wait for me because im still figuring my feelings out and tryna wait for after the first/first few months of college.

but my heart dropped, do know that. like wow he likes me?

the beginning of the night, it was just pure awkwardness at roshs. people had their own groups. you had yours, i had mine. we’d just throw looks at each other from time to time. or while i was talking to my friends, id look at you and vice versa.

on the ride home, we kissed under your jacket. i laid on your chest. we kissed again, made out, all that shit. you were so into it, i was too. i laid on your chest and closed my eyes and you whispered “im going to love you so much fuck” you started saying things like “im not even drunk right now you dont even know how much i like you”. you said you just wanted me to be happy and even if we dont end up together youll just be happy knowing that we’d have at least tried dating each other.

i just wanted to melt in my seat. when we got home, we played with djego (patty was w us) and then u stayed here for a while. when u were leaving, i dropped u by your car. i said thanks for today. you held my face and told me that you were starting to fall in love with me.

im still battling myself with how i feel but i know i will fall in love with you too. youre the right person, right now


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