It just happens.

xxxtentacion – 17 (ocean mix)

Distance does not make the heart grow fonder.

“Maybe he’s just busy with school. stressed with things, you know,” Gavin says, his short pause followed by, “…actually, you’re stressed with school too—”

“But I find a way.” I say.

“Yeah, you do.”

One day, everything just stops. You realize it on the ride home.

He doesn’t offer to pick you up anymore even if it’s just for a while. He doesn’t find a way to make time for you anymore. You are not part of his plans anymore. He forms solutions that are more convenient to him. He doesn’t save your photos anymore. The only ones he does are that kind. You feel like a quick fuck. He only wants to see you if something physical is going to happen. He only wants to call when it’s to talk about the one thing he likes — Star Wars. He only wants to see you when the conditions are in his favor.

I guess you are busy. I am too. But things are different. It feels different. I feel distant and my heart is so cold

I don’t think I’m fit to be in your life

I don’t think I’m meant to feel this way or be treated this way

If this is accepting you and I can’t do it, then I’m sorry

This is me putting up my defense shield and slowly cutting you off





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