You Are Good To Me

We don’t have to talk every second of the day. You respect my decisions as a person. We don’t have to see each other every week. We don’t have to constantly be on the phone. This helps me have time for myself, for the things I want to do, and for the people around me.

You are taking things slow. Considering my previous relationship, the pace you are taking is of great help to me. It tells me so much about how you are as a person, as a partner, and as a friend.

You are dynamic. Every day with you is a different day. Fun, sleepy, tired, hyper, senti, all kinds. I could go on. The list never ands. That’s a good thing, because it puts me in the competition to be as dynamic as you.

You are a good example. You are ambitious, confident, hard working, talented, passionate, thoughtful, and know your priorities so damn well.

You teach me new things. It’s because you know a lot, you’ve experienced a lot. Talking with you and being with you helps me learn new things — about friends, family, school and life in general.

You are funny. You know how to turn my bad day into a better one just by your hilarious jokes. You know what makes me laugh hysterically.

You are like me. The same outlook on life, though not exactly. The same kinds of friends, though not exactly. I think having similarities makes it easier to be with each other and get along, but having differences also makes you curious about each other and keep the guessing game going.

You are a charitable person. You always give. You have love for the poor. You are a teacher, a friend, a guide to most. You are a walking advocacy. Updated with current events, always present in outreach activities. You are generous.

You give me time for myself. You are conscious that I spend a lot of time on myself, doing the things I want to and need to do. You give me space to live my life, while knowing at the back of your head that I’d still want to tell you about my day when the sun goes down.

You are good to me. Good in a sense that you will have an impact on the way I choose to do things, on the way I make my decisions, on the way I live out my life. I choose to be active, to take part, to belong to something bigger than what I already am. I choose to be happy, to make smart decisions, to have fun.

You are an inspiration. Not just to me, but to many others. Having a good heart and a good head above your shoulders can only indicate how genuinely good of a person you are. You are gold, you are one of a kind, you are outstanding.

You are a keeper.


You are a good guy to me.