You Again

I have been seeing you in my dreams multiple times. I guess this is my unconsciousness trying to tell me that I still miss you.

I transferred to the states to continue studying. In my dream, I wasn’t in a particular grade level, but I’d like to assume I was in grade 12. You were my English teacher.

I entered the classroom full of wooden desk-chairs, a giant window with the fall colors popping, and you greeted me with your smile. It felt like home.

A few minutes later, I felt sick so I happened to doze off during your class. The bell rang and I woke up. I went to the closet close to you and got my coat. I was wearing a navy blue long sleeved turtleneck, jeans and a white scarf. It was fall, in case I forgot to mention that.

“Are you okay? Are you sick?” You asked, coming up to me. The classroom was cleared now. It was just the both of us. Dialogue still unclear as of now. But I’m sure you probably said the same thing.

“Yeah I am, I think I just dozed off,” I answered.

“It’s okay, I marked all your papers perfect anyway,” You said, positioning your body to the stacks of paper on your desk, and I saw all four with no names have a 20/20 mark on them. Those were all mine.

The next day, you took me out and we rode your car. We missed English class together. Students were wondering why you and I were gone at the same time. We went somewhere, I couldn’t remember where it was – but it was significant to the both of us.

My mom found out you were in my school, and asked the principal how something like this was possible. She said that since you got your divorce, all charges were lifted. I was happy, she wasn’t.

You still looked the same, sounded the same, smiled the same. You still moved the same and acted the same.

I know I miss you. But I also know I shouldn’t.