Mag-aaral na talaga ako

It’s September already. Last time I made a post was back in July. Jeez, it’s been that long? I haven’t really had the motive to write and do a life check. Hadn’t really had anything to write about since life’s going the way I expected it to.

CETs are right around the corner. CETember nga naman. Speaking of which, I haven’t studied for it this weekend pa. This Sunday is the UPCAT. Well, wala naman pasok bukas kaya bukas nalang ako mag-aaral.

I just want to talk about how life feels so good lately. Had our class retreat last Thurs-Fri, Sept  8-9. Just got home from Pico de Loro a few hours ago. The retreat opened up my eyes to see how many people saw me as inspirational, fun, a mood changer, kind and loving, and all the nice things you could think of.

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Times Like This

It’s quarter to eight. You’re out with your friends having dinner, celebrating Jac’s birthday in advance (it’s his birthday tomorrow). I’m listening to some Lady Antebellum, duh, Need You Now, the ultimate classic. I’ve got no homework or things I have to do for school, so I decided to hit up WordPress.

I don’t really know what to write. I usually write when I want to reflect about how life has been lately. I don’t really want to write about a person, especially since I got older and realized I wanted to write more about myself and my experiences.

Tintoy just got his new aircon installed and I’m finally not going to sleep in the same room as him, after 14 years! I’m going to miss my real partner in life. I just realized how much he’s a baby and how big this milestone actually is in our lives. It’s the start of an everlasting separation (naks ang emo naman).

I like our pace, to be honest. We’re going so slow – and to me, that’s a good thing. I like going slow because of course I respect my parents and my priorities as well. I think it’s good to go slow so I can know more about you before risking it all. And I’m glad you feel and think the same way, I guess.

I feel kind of bad that I asked for permission from Dad to attend Nina’s birthday dinner on Saturday (after the LTS), and he answered “Let me think about it”. Even though Tintoy and I are completely sure he will allow me, it still makes me feel bad that he has to say that line. Have I done anything to make him think otherwise? Have I done anything recently that would make him think twice about allowing me to go out? I seldom go out and always try to do my best. He even knows my intentions with Jm. Moments like these are actually the times I wish they shouldn’t of have known that I like him and he likes me. Because going out will be given meaning (e.g. date, going out, etc) when in reality, it’s just a casual gala with my friends, that happen once or twice (at most) a month only.

Now I’m playing Lessons Learned by Carrie Underwood. It’s my first time listening to it but it gives me the Colbie Calliat / Kelly Clarkson feel hahahaha.

College exams are coming to a close. September! I’m going to start seeing my tutor for math this August. Let’s see how it goes.

Here are my courses for the following schools:

UPD             BS Business Admin               BA Sociology

BA Comm Research              BS Psychology

UPLB          BA Comm Arts                        BS Dev’t Comm

BA Sociology                           BS Econ

ADMU        BS Management Comm Technology Mgt

AB Comm                                 BS Mgt

AB Interdisciplinary Studies in Comm & Mgt

DLSU          BS Marketing Mgt                  BS Adv Mgt

AB major in Comm Arts & BS in Applied Corp Mgt

UST             BA major in Marketing Mgt     BA Advertising

Those are the schools I have applied to so far. CSB will release their app forms around the start of August. Goodluck to me! 🙂

UPDATE (Sept 11): Dad did allow me to go on that thing ALSO he allowed me to go out with friends to the mall (but it didn’t push through cos everyone had to study for CETs). He knows I’m getting older, and I guess we’re all just new to this. Of course he’s having a hard time adjusting to being more lenient towards me (imagine, I’m already of legal age next year) and all that. I’ll be patient with him, though. I love my dad and he knows what’s best for me.