You are my inconsistency. You are the shape of the moon for it changes every night. You are the calendar, different every day. You are the music on the radio for it’s always on shuffle. You are the way my hair stands every time I wake up, on the left side, on the right at times. You are the way my mom reacts; angry then mad then sad then happy. I never know which is which. You are the time of sunset… with a difference by a minute each day. You may have been inconsistent, but the thought of you never was.


Unfinished Business

She is my unfinished business. We were never together, but it surely felt like we were. There was something about her that set her to that certain state of ‘almost’. She was my dead star, still bright and shining, yet so far away and impossible to reach. But the thing is, I’m already happy now. I’m perfectly happy in my current relationship but why is it that I must always return to the thought of you? That at least once in a while, her name will pop out of nowhere and my mind will suddenly go bizurk with all the thoughts rushing through it? No, no. What am I thinking? I must set myself to only one path. That is the path without her. She was a disease, a severe case of endless hoping. But soon, that disease treated itself. I wasn’t hoping anymore.

She is my unfinished business; and she must remain that way.


You are the cancer in my system. I wish I could spit you out for the effect you have on me is spreading all throughout my body as every second passes. I wish I could just treat this disease and get it over with.

You’re no good to me.