I hope you find the love you are looking for

You change the girls you like just like how you change the things you like. You hop off to the next chick who likes the shit you do. When she decides to have her own identity and perhaps stray away from the things so familiar to you, you’ll get scared and run away and find some other person to leave your imprint on and wait until they basically share the same identity as you.

You are toxic like that. You leech on other people. You use them as temporary healing pads or bandaids you put over your wounds caused by fears you are too afraid to face. When you get over your fixation on The Office and move to some other tv show, then I guess you would then get over your fixation on her too, and then find some other tv show and another girl with it.

It will take so much time for me to heal. I thought the process was done but some days I can’t help but feel like the progress is going backwards. It took so much trust in you, in all those times I believed your friendship was just that — a friendship. All those times you were texting her, going out with her alone, etc. This has scarred me so bad.

I hate to admit, but it still hurts. I’m more filled with anger than I do with pain, but I can still realize that.

I hope you find someone that loves you in the way you specifically want to. I hope she is everything you want her to be, 100% of the time. I hope she magically understands you the level you so deeply want to be understood. I hope she has telepathic powers to know when you are about to have a nervous breakdown. I’m so tired of your bullshit